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    Works with any and all scale RC vehicles.

    Mini-Z, 1RC up to 1/4 scale, FPV Drones, boats, and even Go-Karts.

    Works with most all compatible race timing software.

    Each transponder has a worldwide unique seven digit ID number.

    Unlimited number of vehicles can be on the track at once.

    High Frequency signals eliminate all interference.

    Fully powered by your computer's USB port with no buried wires for ultimate portability.

Add accurate and reliable scoring to your RC races with I-Lap Timing and enjoy the proven performance experienced at almost a thousand tracks worldwide since 2007.

I-Lap Timing has been used on RC cars and trucks of every scale, RC Boats, FPV Drone Racing, Karts, PPPPRS and numerous University and STEM competitions Worldwide.

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