Installation and setup:
Connect bridge sensors
together with supplied bridge sensor cables.
You can plug the sensors together in
either direction.
The sensor with only one connector is
connected last in the chain of sensors.
Connect the decoder to the sensors
with the 50 foot cable.
Connect the decoder to your computer's
USB port with the supplied USB/PC cable.
The decoder and sensors are powered by
your computer's USB port.
No AC adapter is needed.
Attach the sensors to the underside
of your timing bridge facing down to the
ground with the supplied Velcro.
(Bridge not supplied)
Attach your transponder using supplied
Velcro in a position where it can “see”
up through the window or other clear
portion of the body shell. The transponder
works through some paints and RTR
bodies, or can be attached to the outside
of your body shell in an area where it will
be protected in a roll-over or a crash.
This is a proper installation.
The signal emitter has a clear view up
and the transponder is level..
Connect your transponder to an open
slot in the vehicle's receiver.
Make sure to use the same polarity as
your other attached cables.

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This is the contents of a typical I-Lap system:

1. Bridge Sensor Cables
2. Decoder to Bridge Cable (50 feet)
3. Decoder
4. USB/PC to Decoder Cable
5. Bridge Sensors
6. Software and Driver CD
7. Velcro
8. Transponders