Q: Do I need to buy software to use the system? What software can I use?

A: I-LapRC works with most AMBrc compatible softwares.

Included on the system CD is a copy of Laps Free. This is included for your convenience, but anyone can download it for free. This software is fully functional and can run a full event.

Also included is a free I-Lap version of RC Scoring Pro, regarded by many as the best available.
It is a lite version, but does not expire, and is limited to 5 cars per heat. There is no limit to the number of cars in the event. This software can be upgraded to the full standard version for only $249 for use with I-Lap, a great savings as it is normally $599.

Alycat is also popular and has synthesized voice announcements. A free 5 car demo version is available to try out. We recommend trying out a few programs to see which best suits your needs.

Check out these other racing software programs. All of them work well with I-LapRC:
LiveTimeRC - Now with special price for I-LapRC users- $9 a month
Next Level Timing
Flipside Racing (Windows, Mac, and Linux)
RCM (R/C and Rental Kart)

Q: What is the warranty and support?

A: All components are guaranteed for one full year against defect. Support is available by email or telephone. Phone support hours are 9 AM to 9 PM Central US time. The customer support phone number is 630-890-9776.

Q: Will it work in bright sunlight?

A: Sunlight does not cause any problems, nor do artificial light sources such as incandescent, fluorescent, or industrial lighting. The transponder signal is strong and modulated so the sensors can detect it even with other light sources present.

Q: Will the system read AMB transponders?

A: No. The two systems use different transmission mediums and transponders are not interchangeable.

Q: Do you ship to ______?

A: We ship anywhere in the world. Shipping inside the US is via USPS Priority Mail with delivery
    confirmation. International orders are sent using Trackable USPS Global Express service.

Q: How long does it take to get?

A: All orders are filled and shipped within two business days.

Q: How can I use this for go-karts?

A: Our kart systems are modified from our RC gear to fit the dimensions and other criteria with karts.
    Please email us with the width of your track lane at the finish line and include details such as type
    of kart (picture or link helpful), gas or electric, rental karts or racer owned, etc