Note: This page is for products used with portable Nascar Micro-Reality type tracks and does not apply for normal hobby and racing useage.

NEW! 2.4 GHz Control and Scoring system for ULTIMATE CONTROL AND ZERO GLITCHES . See below for details.
Rental lap-counter software for Micro-Reality type tracks
I-Lap R/C Timing System - Lap Effects sample screenshot


Suitable for use with projector or big screen TV.

Complete sound effects for race start, car laps with car # and drive-by effects, race finish announces winner.

Play videos on demand or automatically between races

Laps displays are sorted by running order, leader is always on left, then 2nd place, etc.

Supports timed or fixed lap races. Announces laps or time remaining.

Bottom image has slideshow feature to display multiple images for contact info, ads, upcoming events, etc. (Our name in the image above is only a sample, not part of the actual display)

Features include control of external hardware such as lighting, console automation and other effects.

Contact us for info on tracks, cars, driving consoles and components


Email for info (Please indicate you are inquiring about microreality gear)

2.4 GHz
Integrated Control & Scoring

Take back control of your cars. Our new system is designed from a fresh start with Micro-Reality racing in mind. Don't settle for the compromises that come with using hobby grade equipment.
Our new system was unveiled at IAAPA 2007 and amazed all who saw it in action!
If building a new track or updating an existing one - Call us first!

100% Digital Transmission, decoding and servo driving with error correction

Works with our software and a PC, or with our LED scoreboard. The scoreboard even features sound effects and announces race starts, lead changes, winners, etc - ALL without a computer!

Excellent immunity from interference

10 bit resolution (1024 steps) exceeds modern servo and ESC capabilities



Absolutely no steering or throttle glitching with console off
No more cars driving off tables

Throttle features "Neutral deadband zone" which sends neutral throttle command when within 5% of center
--- Stops cars from creeping and speed controls buzzing due to poorly centering throttle levers
--- Makes vitually any speed control react instantly
--- No more bad race starts caused by speed control delays and failsafe mechanisms
--- Race can be started with full throttles and cars instantly go

Dramatic weight savings in console without power supply, metal brackets, springs, levers, etc.

1" antenna in car

Steering dual rates plus High and Low throttle end point adjustments for ultimate fine tuning of vehicle speeds

All vehicle control and scoring settings are found in an easy to navigate touch screen. There is never a need to open a console for an adjustment. It is all accessed and adjusted from the touch screen.

Global speed setting provides motor power setting for all cars at once!
With a few taps, you can slow all the cars for poor drivers and step it up for better drivers - Keep the action up for good drivers without getting your cars destroyed by lesser drivers. Speeds can be adjusted individually as well.

When the race finishes, each car is shut down as it crosses the finish line of it's last lap.
Just line them up, press a button, and off they go again.
True one-man operation
Sound effects and videos can be triggered with the touchscreen on the box, as well as the remote.
Consoles can be individually disabled so you don't have to turn cars off when younger kids play with the consoles.


Email for info(Please indicate you are inquiring about microreality gear)

Our office phone is 630 890 9776.


The following note we received from Carmine, owner of Race Day Promotions

Hi Craig and lap counter prospective customers,

I have had my Micro Reality track for about seven years now and decided to let Craig build our lap counter, WOW, flawless, superb, easy to use and why did I wait so long to get it are just some of my comments.

Craig, your customer service is fantastic. What I mean by that is you have always answer my phone calls immediately to address all my questions and assisted me in setting up our system to meet our personal needs.

Our first gig using the system was set up in downtown Las Vegas under the lights for 8 hours of racing during the Vegas Grand Prix. We did not have one problem with the system the whole day. Customers at the end of the race knew who won and understood the race was over. I attribute the lap counter increasing my business 25%.

Micro guys, take it from me, if you don't want to keep chasing cars around the track and you really want to have a professional looking track, get this system.

Race Day Promotions
Las Vegas

The following note is from Dan of

Craig,  Your lap counter system greatly enhances the operation of my MICRO-REALITY race track.  The car sounds attract attention from the passing crowd at public events, producing more drivers.  I look forward to incorporating it into private event programs for team building, heat races, etc.  The banner section of the score board is great for client messages.  The system is easy to setup and operate.
Thanks for a great addition to my system!

Custom software available.
Below is a 3 car version for a promotional track.